Wednesday, May 22
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Indian President Holds Dinner Banquet in Honor of Saudi Crown Prince 3 New Delhi

After that, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, delivered the following speech:

Thank you, Your Excellency President for the warm welcoming and hospitality we are receiving today. I also thank the Prime Minister and all our friends in dear India.

The old and historical relationship is very important for us, but today we are witnessing a very extinguished present having many opportunities for our two countries. Today we are also celebrating and attaining a two-year achievement which is a great achievement in many areas of economy, security, politics and other fields.

This visit witnessed the establishment of the high-level strategic coordination council between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India. The next strategy will witness a much greater acceleration than in the past two years. The interests between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and India are intersecting in many interests and the risks that confront us are similar and many in terms of terrorism or other risks. This confirms that we must all work to achieve all the interests facing all challenges.

I would like to thank Your Excellency once again for the warm hospitality accorded to us in India. We can say that you have a wonderful country, a wonderful people, a very special private sector and a wonderful government. Thank you.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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