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Russian-Chinese veto foils a US project on Venezuela

BAGHDAD Russia and China used veto in the UN Security Council, rejecting a US draft resolution calling for Presidential elections in Venezuela and the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid to the country.

South Africa, the non-permanent member of the Security Council voted against the draft resolution, while nine Council members, especially Europeans and Latin Americans, supported it.

Three countries abstained - Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and Indonesia.

While Peruvian Ambassador Gustavo Meza-Guadra, who voted with the resolution, regretted the rejection of the US draft resolution, Russian Ambassador VasilyNibinza said it would have been an unprecedented decision to dismiss a head of state.

"The United States is intransigent in its escalation and its aim is to change the regime," he said.

Two permanent members of the Security Council rarely use the veto at the same time.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency