Sunday, July 5
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Thousands of displaced Syrians remain trapped at US-created al-Rukban Camp

Homs, Driven by dirty political goals and colonial ambitions, the US continues to hamper the exit of thousands of displaced Syrians from al-Rukban Camp in al-Tanf area on the Syrian-Jordanian borders and block them from returning to their hometowns which have been liberated from terrorism by the Syrian Arab Army.

In a stark violation of human rights, the US forces deployed in al-Tanf area continue to hold thousands of displaced Syrians as hostages at al-Rukban camp and they prevent them from leaving the camp through sowing fears among them about their destiny after leaving and through pushing terrorists to blackmail them through asking for huge sums of money for their release.

Since the beginning of the terrorist war on Syria, Washington and other states which have supported terrorism have exploited the humanitarian files as every camp established for the displaced Syrians supported and financed by these countries has political cunning schemes which seek to exert pressure on the Syrian Government or to occupy a certain geographical area through establishing such camps.

Al-Rukban camp was established in a vital and strategic area on the Syrian borders with Jordan and Iraq and the illegitimate practices of the US occupational forces in it are very clear as they hold the displaced Syrians in it as hostages as they live in miserable conditions suffering from diseases and hunger without access to food and humanitarian aid.

Some may wonder what if the US occupation allow the displaced Syrians in al-Rukban Camp to return to state-controlled areas or to the temporary housing shelters established by the Russian and Syrian sides to receive them?The answer lies in the fact that if Washington does that, it will lose the humanitarian file which it exploits to exert pressure on the Syrian state and its allies, and the return of the displaced to the state-controlled areas will refute all the US allegations.

On the other hand, the geographical area on which the camp was established is considered very strategic and vital on the road of Damascus-Baghdad and for the same purpose the illegitimate military base of al-Tanf was established with the aim of preventing the communication between the states of the resistance axis.

Thereby, the US occupation stresses the necessity of preserving the existence of the camp to find a pretext for the presence of its terrorists who are besieging the camp, and if Washington will allow the departure of the displaced, it won't be able to exploit this humanitarian file.

Head of the Russian National Defense Management Center General Lieutenant Mikhail Mezentsev affirmed that the US occupation forces are continuing to prevent the displaced Syrians' departure by means of force and threats.

During a joint meeting at the Joint Coordination Center between the managements in Syria and Russia on the return of displaced to Syria, Mezentsev added There is nothing that could prevent the residents of the camp from returning to their hometowns except the strong objection by the American side through working on misleading the displaced on the impossibility of their departure of the camp and through sowing a bunch of lies on that they and their children will be exposed to persecution if they leave.

On Thursday, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry affirmed in a statement to SANA that The only one who is responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in al-Rukban Camp is the US occupation and its tools who have prevented the Syrian citizens in the camp from leaving by means of force and threats.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency