Sunday, July 5
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Jabak visits Marjayoun Hospital, aims for improving medical services and enhancing conditions of government hospitals in deprived areas

Minister of Public Health, Jamil Jabak, inspected Sunday the Marjayoun Governmental Hospital on head of a Ministry delegation to have a closer look at its prevailing condition, with the aim of improving the medical services provided in Marjeyoun district.

Jabak toured the various sections of the Hospital in the presence of members of the "Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc, the Hospital's senior medical staff and dignitaries from the region.

"The Marjayoun Governmental Hospital is a model for coexistence which is a typical part of the sectarian fabric that signifies the country's mutual living," Jabak said.

He commended the Hospital's high medical capabilities and excellent facilities, despite being small in size with only 60 patient beds. However, Jabak noted that more is needed to enable Marjayoun Hospital to provide the needed services to the whole district. He also vowed to work on enhancing the capabilities of all government hospitals in deprived areas.

"The Public Health Ministry will adopt the Hospital's newly established section which was started two years ago and will equip it with the necessary logistics," promised Jabak.

In response to a question about the displaced Syrians, the Public Health Minister said, "The Syrian refugees constitute a great burden on all government hospitals in Lebanon, particularly on Marjayoun Hospital."

Source: National News Agency