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The Chief of Army Staff Discusses With Assistant Secretary Of Defense The Cooperation And Coordination Between The Two Sides In The Military Field

BAGHDAD, Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Othman Al-Ghanmi discussed with US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Middle East Affairs Michele Muelleri the cooperation and coordination between the two sides in the military field.

Chief of staff, during his meeting with Deputy US Defense Secretary last night, according to a statement of the Ministry of Defense, said "We deeply appreciate the partnership with the coalition countries led by the United States of America in order to support the combat operations to eliminate the remnants of Daesh terrorist remnants, in addition to supporting and developing the capabilities of the Iraqi forces,"

For his part, Deputy Secretary of Defense, confirmed that the level of cooperation and coordination between Iraq and the United States of America at the highest levels.

"We are committed and continue to provide all forms of logistical support and assistance to develop the capabilities of the Iraqi army in all its forms," he said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency