Saturday, July 4
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Allawi: The Council on Arab and Int’l Relations Confirms Support Of Iraq And The Need To Return To Arab Lap

Baghdad, The head of the National Coalition, IyadAllawi, said the Council on Arab and International Relations works to support Iraq and the need to its return to the Arab and be a bridge for communication in the region.

Allawi said in a press conference held this morning for members of the Council on Arab and International Relations at the headquarters of the Council of Ministers in Baghdad that "the Council seeks to overcome the crises and outstanding differences and the unification of Arab and international efforts.

"We have met with Iraqi officials, three presidencies, foreign ambassadors, a highlevel US delegation and the Russian ambassador. We have reached new visions. We will work with them to return Iraq to its pioneering role and a fundamental part of the Arab society," Allawi said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency