Saturday, July 4
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Kanaan after lighting up the Metn Express Highway: It is the era of development and rights without malice

Bou Saab: Kanaan's efforts gave fruit, we are working as one team for this Casa

"This mandate is one of actual and serious development and rights without malice," emphasized MP Ibrahim Kanaan, Secretary of the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc, following the inauguration of the Metn Highway Lighting Project, which has been in full swing since 2016.

"Today we celebrate the lighting up of the Metn Highway 24/24, which was supposed to take place at a previous time in the past but faced several obstacles due to the ebb & flow in state affairs," said Kanaan, speaking at the inaugural ceremony held at the electricity transfer station in Nahr el-Mawt this afternoon, in the presence of Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, Metn Qaem Maqam Marilyn Haddad, and heads of municipalities of al-Boushria, al-Sad, al-Fanar, Biaqout, Bsalim, Beit Mery, Mar Shaaya, Broummana, Laayoune and Roumieh.

Kanaan vowed to pursue efforts for the sake of developing the deprived Metn region, like many areas in Lebanon, saying, "We will be serious in our implementation and we will applaud anyone who shines a candle and performs away from any political gains...and we will not remain silent about any negligence in this respect."

"Development is a duty," he emphasized, adding, "This is the mandate of President Michel Aoun and the era of change and reform in essence, and the Strong Lebanon Bloc shall be an advocate of change and reform."

"The laws will be applied according to the fundamentals, for politics does not exist in development," Kanaan went on. "Development is for all Metn citizens," he added, noting "His Excellency the President of the Republic is vigilant on all projects."

In turn, Bou Saab commended Kanaan's exerted efforts, saying: "We are a one development team working together for the North Metn region, and our hand is extended to all parties, even those with whom we do not meet in politics, because the interests of development transcend political interests."

"The Baabdat-Shallama Highway is in the contracting stage, and God willing, we will inaugurate it soon with MP Kanaan, which will be linked to Zahle, since development is a priority in this era and we will point a finger at those who hinder it and confront them as we fight those who are corrupt," Bou Saab corroborated.

Source: National News Agency