Saturday, July 4
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Lebanon’s International Women’s Theater Festival opens in presence of Culture Minister

The "Istanbouli Theater" and the "Tiro Art Society" in the southern city of Tyre opened Saturday the first edition of the International Theater Festival of Women's Monodrama in Lebanon, coinciding with International Women's Day in tribute to women's strength in art and theater.

In his word at the opening ceremony, Culture Minister Mohammed Daoud said: "The Istanbouli Theater and the Tiro Art Society are not only an art but a struggle and a cause for theater, cinema and art in Lebanon. We would like to study this unique and pioneering experience in order to disseminate it to all regions for the sake of parallel cultural development."

Daoud highlighted the importance of the Lebanese National Theater "which is the first free theater and cinema in Lebanon," and "which has contributed to breaking the cultural centralization despite all difficulties with the help of the youth and volunteers in this festival."

The Culture Minister vowed to provide all support to the Tiro Society in light of its appreciated work that has laid the foundation for building a culture of truth.

Source: National News Agency