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Geagea: Reforms are possible at the moment

Lebanese Forces Party Leader Samir Geagea said that reforms are possible at the moment, noting that his party was working on a road map in this regard, entitled "Financial challenges facing Lebanon."

Interviewed by the Saudi daily, Al-Riyadh, Geagea said that the working paper included several points, particularly the budget to be approved in the coming months with the aim of reducing deficit.

He added that efforts in this context would focus on the electricity and telecommunications sector.

Commenting on the normalization of relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Geagea said that "the Syrian regime considers 15 million Syrians as terrorists," adding that "the regime refuses to return the displaced for demographic and geopolitical reasons known to all.

Finally, Geagea said Lebanon should cooperate with Russia to resolve the crisis of displaced Syrians.

Source: National News Agency