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Shamsi says UAE-Lebanese relationship in ‘best state’

"The relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon is in its best state," UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Al Shamsi, confirmed during his patronage of a book signing ceremony by poet and writer, May Khalil, held at St. Joseph Institute in Aintoura on Sunday.

I did not relay any negative messages to my country, but positive ones because I am convinced of this country and its capabilities, cadres and Arab belonging," Shamsi asserted.

He added: "There are about 140,000 Lebanese in the UAE and this community has played a prominent role in building the UAE in several sectors."

The diplomat also noted that "the Lebanese community in the UAE...has become one of the most important communities, and is subject to the law."

Shamsi stressed that "stability requires citizens to be keen on preserving their country," pointing out that he is optimistic about the future of Lebanon and the new government.

He concluded by saying that he "enjoys friendships and relations with all Lebanese sects, parties, and politicians from different directions."

Source: National News Agency