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Aoun: To free judiciary from political dependency, interference

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, informed the delegation of the "Executive Committee of the General Counsel for Prisons" during a meeting today at the Baabda Palace that "the prison file will constitute an integral part of the judicial file to be discussed in details at the conference which will be held at the Baabda Palace to tackle judicial affairs, under the title 'Towards Better Justice'."

"The prison crisis in Lebanon is linked, one way or another, to the functioning of the judicial authority and the work of the courts and public prosecution. Any approach to this crisis is supposed to be integrated with addressing the judicial situation in the country because it is an integral part of it," Aoun said.

"In order for justice to prevail, it is necessary to work towards achieving judicial reform and freeing the judiciary from political subordination and intervention in conjunction with stopping violations of the law," the president stressed, assuring that the reform journey is ongoing.

President Aoun also welcomed the Minister of State for Information Technology, Adel Afiouni, who presented his vision on the role of his ministry, the importance of information technology and Lebanon's role in its development in many fields.

Talks also touched on the general situation in the country and the work of the government at the current stage.

President Aoun then received MP Bahia Hariri and discussed with her the latest political developments and the overall situation.

MP Hariri said that she had reviewed with the President the arrangements for the celebrations that will be held next year on the occasion of the Greater Lebanon centennial, which she started to prepare for since 2010.

She pointed out that a specialized committee will be formed to develop a national program for centennial celebrations.

Source: National News Agency