Thursday, July 9
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Jarrah discusses with Margo Helo cooperation with UN Center

Minister of Information Jamal Jarrah received at his office in the ministry the Director of the UN Center in Beirut Margo El Helo, accompanied by a delegation from the Center's working team, with talks touching on bolstering cooperation.

"The meeting was very good and the minister is well known for his support of the United Nations, especially the sustainable development goals of the UN," Helo said in the wake of the meeting.

"We agreed with the Minister of Health to renew cooperation between the Center and the Ministry of Information, with all the Ministry's agencies, to highlight the objectives of sustainable development and the success achieved in Lebanon. The Minister stressed that the Lebanese are successful in all fields. (...) We should also highlight these successful experiences and work to link them to the goals of sustainable development and how to achieve them," she said.

Source: National News Agency