Thursday, July 9
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More than /130/ explosive devices and mortar shells were found in a number of Anbar and Falluja areas

BAGHDAD, Military forces found more than 130 explosive devices and mortar shells in a number of Anbar and Falluja areas.

A statement issued by the Anbar Operations Command said that "the treatment units belonging to the Anbar Operations Command found and detonated /101/ explosive devices of different sizes and shapes, in addition to the bombing of 36 different mortar shells in the areas of Abu Yusuf, Nu'aymiyah and Zgharit in the structure area in Falluja.

"The Command Operations units conducted searches operations of towns, and villages in search of wanted persons, and the stockpiles of weapons and ammunition from the remnants of the Daesh terrorist gangs," the statement said. "The areas of AlbuAssaf, Wadi al-Auj, Hamdhiya, Shehabi, Tharthar valley and the Thartharlake were inspected.

He said, "on the other hand," the forces secured protection of a commercial vehicle convoy consisting of (186) trucks from the port of Trebil border by the forces of the first and tenth divisions until the delivery to the forces of the Baghdad Operations Command in Al-Suqour checkpoint.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency