Saturday, July 4
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Rouhani: No power Or Country In The World Can Distance Iran And Iraq From Each Other

BAGHDAD, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani affirmed that the Iranian and Iraqi brotherly peoples have strong ties and no force in the world can create a gap between the two countries.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was quoted by Mehr news agency as saying after a three-day visit to Iraq "The visit included talks and understanding on a number of issues and trade matters, such as reducing or abolishing duties on some goods, establishing joint industrial cities between the two countries, energy and facilitating grants commercial visas ".

He described the role of activists and traders as gaining importance for both sides, considering Iraq as the main station of Iranian exports in the world and the two countries have strong ties.

"The two countries have held talks on banking, the adoption of national currencies in many exchanges and facilitation of banking relations, and the two countries have reached good understandings on security and regional issues, and their views are convergent on many important issues," Rouhani said.

He noted that he "touched the vitality of the Iraqi people during this visit thanks to the strong ties between the two peoples" added "no power in the world can make a hurdle and foment the conflict between the Iranian and Iraqi people."

In this visit, he stressed the need to develop bilateral relations in the future into trilateral and quadripartite parties and discuss them with other countries which can play a role in these relations.

Rouhani said that this visit could be a turning point in relations and further consolidation in the future for the benefit of both peoples and countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency