Saturday, July 4
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UNDP’s Moyroud briefs Bou Saab on cessation of support for demining projects in Lebanon

National Defense Minister, Elias Bou Saab, welcomed on Thursday UNDP Resident Representative, Celine Moyroud, who briefed him on a project to strengthen the capabilities of the Lebanese Mine Action Center.

The UNDP representative expressed her satisfaction with the progress made at the level of demining in Lebanon. She also relayed to the minister the EU's intention to stop supporting demining projects in Lebanon, with the exception of certain cases.

Later, Bou Saab welcomed Pakistani Ambassador to Lebanon, Najeeb Durrani, who congratulated him on his assumption of the defense ministry portfolio. He also stressed his country's intention to strengthen cooperation with the Lebanese army, noting that work is underway to sign a cooperation agreement in the field of defense between the two armies.

Bou Saab separately met with Argentinean Ambassador to Lebanon, Mauricio Alice, who congratulated him on taking up his new position. During the meeting, the general situation in Lebanon and the region were discussed. Bou Saab assured his visitor that strengthening the army's relations at the international and local levels was at the heart of his priorities.

Source: National News Agency