Sunday, July 12
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Kouyoumjian following his meeting with Daher: Brussels conference a great success for Lebanon

Greek Catholic Bishop of Tripoli and the North, Edward Daher received on Saturday Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, at the Archdiocese headquarters in Dahr el Ain.

On emerging, Kouyoumjian deemed that the Brussels conference was a major achievement for Lebanon because "the logic of repatriation" has become a priority in Europe and U.S., calling on the international community not to stop the donation agreement to host countries.

"The Lebanese state cannot bear the burden [of the Syrian Reugees] alone, so the assistance of the international community must continue until the repatriation process is carried out," he said.

"We are not waiting for a political solution in Syria to demand the repatriation. The [Syrian] regime needs only to show its desire to welcome its citizens, to provide them with security and to give them some confidence. Every Syrian refugee is invited to return home and, in return, the regime has to open a new page with its people," he went on.

Finally, Kouyoumjian said that the decisions of the Brussels Conference were in Lebanon's interest and enabled the delegation to bring the Lebanese back on the international map and secure more funding and support.

Source: National news Agency