Sunday, July 12
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Int’l Islamic Jurisprudence Complex denounces terrorist operation against worshippers in New Zealand

Jeddah, The Secretary General of Jeddah-Based International Islamic Jurisprudence Complex (IIJC) has denounced the terrorist operation which targeted worshippers at two mosques in New Zealand last Friday, killing some 53 Muslims and injuring dozens while performing Friday (Jumaa) public prayers.

In a statement yesterday, the Secretary General of the IIJC Dr. Abdulsalam Dawood Al-Ebadi described the act as heinous and has revealed the accumulating feeling of hatred against Muslims and negligence of the rights of Muslims in fair living and faith.

He urged the international community to shoulder responsibility to face the culture of hatred and racism, work to spread the culture of co-existence and tolerance and correct the false picture reflected in the western culture about Islam and Muslims.

Source: Saudi Press Agency