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Iranian Oil Minister To Americans: Your Remarks Are Shaking The “Oil Market” … Stop Talking

BAGHDAD Iran's oil minister, BijanNamdarZangeneh has accused the United States that its behavior creates tensions in the world oil market.

"The Americans are talking a lot and I advise them to limit their talk," the Iranian oil minister said on his Twitter page, added "They have raised tensions in the oil market for more than a year until now and they are responsible for that tension," according to the official website of the Iranian Oil Ministry, .

He added "If they continue in this direction, the market will become more tense."

The US President, Donald Trump, said on February 25 that oil prices have risen significantly, calling on the "OPEC" to intervene to stop shocks in the global economy, which he described as "fragile."

"Oil prices are rising too high, and OPEC has to relax and take things simply," he wrote in a tweet on Twitter.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency