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March in demand of changing nationality law sets out from Interior Ministry to Riad ElSolh

Marking Women's Month and Mother's Day which falls on March 21, the "My Nationality, My Dignity" Campaign organized a march on Sunday in demand for changing the nationality law in Lebanon.

Hundreds of Lebanese women and children and civil society representatives took part in the march that set out this afternoon from the Ministry of the Interior to Riad El-Solh Square in Central Beirut.

"We can no longer afford to wait...We have waited until the election of the President and the Parliament Council and the formation of the new government...and while we were waiting, there were hundreds of mothers and their children who were dying every day physically, mentally and morally," said Mustapha Chaar, Head of the Campaign.

He stressed "the need to work on the implementation of the document of human brotherhood for world peace and coexistence, because it is the only way to achieve social justice."

Chaar called for "removing this issue from political bazaar to a table of serious dialogue," expressing readiness "to form it [dialogue table] under the auspices of the three authorities, bringing together representatives of all parties and civil society to come up with a radical and final solution."

In turn, MP Rola Tabsh Jaroudi who took part in the march, considered that "Lebanese women should not be oppressed in their country, and there should not be any discrimination between women and men."

"The Future Bloc has submitted a nationality draft law that allows women to pass their citizenship onto their children without any exception or racism," she added, disclosing that "Prime Minister Saad Hariri is exerting efforts with all the political blocs to find a formula that satisfies all parties, one that is not at the expense of Lebanese women and their children."

MP Adnan Traboulsi, for his part, confirmed that "it is the right of Lebanese women to pass their citizenship onto their children."

"This issue must be dealt with in a radical manner, because it is a right and a general demand. It is necessary to achieve the security of all mothers," he corroborated.

Source: National news Agency