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Gemayel: Confiscation of State’s decision has turned Arab, international support to warnings and threats

"The Arab and European countries and the United States of America, which have stood by Lebanon for 70 years, are today threatening and warning us because of those who have taken Lebanon elsewhere, placing their hand on the State and confiscating its decision," said Kataeb Party Chief, Sami Gemayel.

"There are those who wish to control the country and take possession of its decision, which is why we are still raising the slogan of sovereignty and independence...because there are those who have managed through foreign weapons and money to impose their will on all Lebanese," he added.

Gemayel's words came during his patronage of an honoring ceremony of senior Kataeb Party members in the Metn region held at his headquarters in Bikfaya earlier today, in the presence of former President Amin Gemayel and polit-bureau officials and partisans.

Touching on the issue of displaced Syrians, Gemayel stressed that "it is time for other countries to take responsibility with us and to redistribute refugees to Arab countries that are capable of doing so."

"It is unacceptable to leave Lebanon in this situation," Gemayel underlined.

He deemed that Syrian President Bashar el-Asad will only agree to the return of refugees if that is in his interest, "otherwise he will not return them unless he is forced to do so."

Source: National News Agency