Sunday, July 12
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Hariri: We can learn from the new generation

Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, said that he cares about the youth and about providing jobs for them, and hoped that they will be part of the change that will take place in the future.

He added: "Our goal is to make the country advance and I believe that we can learn from the new generation with new ideas."

Hariri's words came this morning as he addressed the participants in the "Serail Creativity Hub Design Competition" at the Grand Serail cross vault, in the presence of the Head of Business Environment and Innovation at the Prime Minister's office, Yasmina el-Khoury.

He said that this area of the Grand Serail will be open to the public to raise the ideas of young people, and will become a beacon of innovation and a focal point for major discussions between the public and private sectors.

Hariri told the participants: "Consider this your place and we hope to remain in contact with you to listen to your ideas and achieve your ambitions."

"We are on the right track. The government wants to carry out reforms in all sectors, but achieving this in Lebanon is not easy, as not all parties have the same agenda for this. We have the will to change, and the disagreements taking place today are between those who want this change and those who do not want it. There is resistance to change, but hopefully we can achieve it with you," the Prime Minister went on.

Hariri pointed out that CEDRE will be launched this year, and there will be many projects for the youth, in infrastructure, technology and other sectors, and there will be more stability in the country and more tourists.

He said that he is optimistic, adding that CEDRE aims to increase economic growth to provide job opportunities for the youth in all sectors, noting that the more we increase the growth rate, the more jobs we can create.

Source: National News Agency