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Economic activity in Daraa recovers gradually after liberation from terrorism

Daraa, The economic activity in Daraa southern province is witnessing a gradual recovery after liberation from terrorism and putting Nassib border crossing into service again, in addition to resuming production at many industrial and agricultural facilities and expanding the prospects of investment activity in parallel with the return of security and stability.

In a statement to SANA reporter, Chairman of the Economy and Foreign Trade Directorate in Daraa Khaled al-Zaher called for supporting the agricultural industries to absorb the surplus of production and achieve an acceptable balance at the labor market, in addition to finding job opportunities and reaching an acceptable profit margin for the producers to encourage them to continue production.

Al-Zaher underlined the importance of benefiting from the treated water in agriculture and the establishment of industrial zones and investing the current ones to carry out mini and medium projects and expand them and to give the administrative units a productive and investment role.

He affirmed the significance of the developmental role of the administrative units in the coming period in enhancing the developmental imports so as to serve the sustainable development process and to facilitate the communication between the production and marketing centers, in addition to curbing the phenomenon of the environmental pollution.

Al-Zaher added that the work of the directorate has witnessed a notable recovery since the last quarter of the past year, and the number of the granted licenses and authorizations over the past two months of the current year reached up to 57 with a total cost estimated at SYP 3.69 billion.

Meanwhile, the value of exports through Nassib border crossing in the same period reached up to SYP 787 million that covered some of the agricultural products which have been exported to the Arab markets.

A variety of the basic materials are available in the markets in Daraa province with a flow of commodities, according to al-Zaher who expected that the self-sufficiency in the second half of the current year will reach up to 70 percent.

He added that the coming stage will witness an increase in the demand on the products and the sold services and an improvement in the rates of prices and the cash surplus will be invested in the production in a way that would contribute to improving the reality of labor market and developing the banking and service sectors.

Al-Zaher added that all the aforementioned factors will help overcoming the economic repercussions of the crisis which dragged on for more than eight years.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency