Thursday, July 9
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Hashem says ministers ought to prioritize national affiliation, away from partisan, regional calculations

"Development and Liberation" Parliamentary Bloc Member, MP Kassem Hashem, highlighted Sunday the need for members of cabinet to render their national affiliation a priority above all else, refraining from narrow partisan, political and regional calculations.

Hashem's words came during his tour among the villages of al-Arqub region earlier today, where he had a closer look at their daily-living and developmental needs.

Commenting on the recent visit by US State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Hashem said that Mike Pompeo's positions "confirm America's permanent bias towards the Zionist entity in its aggression at the expense of our national and Arab rights, from Palestine to Lebanon and the Golan."

He considered the US step towards the Golan as "a declaration of the American-Zinionist partnership in renouncing the international resolutions, norms and conventions."

"All of this pushes us to adhere more and more to our internal national unity and the power factors we possess to put an end to the Zionist ambitions, and to preserve our rights to our occupied lands in Shebaa farms, Kfarshuba hills and the northern part of al-Ghajar, and to preserve the last drop of oil and gas from our marine wealth..."

"This is a national responsibility, regardless of the threats," Hashem underlined.

Source: National News Agency