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Industry sector recovering in Daraa

Daraa, The industry sector in Daraa continues to recover as more support and facilitations are provided to it, which reflected positively on the job market and the number of industrial and handicrafts facilities which have resumed production after the elimination of terrorism in the province at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army.

Director of the Industry Department in Daraa Abdelwaheed Awad said that many of industrial facilities have resumed production, benefiting from the considerable facilitations provided by the government, particularly facilitations for civil and private projects and creating new job opportunities.

Awad said that many industrial facilities had been shut down due to terrorists' activities in the province which included vandalism and looting.

He said that around 2500 workers have returned to work in 250 industrial facility out of 659 facilities in the province that had been operating before the beginning of the war on Syria.

He added that 28 handicrafts facilities were put into service last year, employing 78 workers, and that 25 new industrial facilities have also been put into service, employing 224 workers, while 20 industrial facilities are currently being repaired and should resume production soon.

Mazyad al-Omary, the owner of a dairy production facility in the town of Jbab, pointed out that he managed to repair his facility to resume production after an eight-year of hiatus now that safety and security have been restored, and that the facility provides 55 job opportunities.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency