Sunday, July 12
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MoD: Sinjar District Is Witnessing Security Stability After The Arrival Of Reinforcements

Baghdad The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Sinjar district is witnessing security stability after the arrival of military reinforcements and spread in the district.

A statement of the MoD "According to the directives of the chief of staff of the army and deputy commander of joint operations, to redeploy the units in Sinjar district, north of (Sanono) and reinforcement of the existing force after the arrival of units of special forces regiment and infantry regiment with the brigades of the 72nd Infantry Division, , The deputy commander of operations, Major General Jassim Mohammed Khalifa supervised the deployment of military units, and met with the commander of the 72nd Brigade and the command of the Special Forces regiment, and fighters and praised their combat readiness and urged them to take caution to face any danger that may occur.

He confirmed during a meeting with the heads of departments and officials in the area that the presence of the army is to protect them and to maintain the security of the region in cooperation with the police district, calling on the people to cooperate with the security forces of the army and police.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency