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Geagea: Concept of economic resistance is not feasible in Lebanon

Lebanese Forces Party leader, Samir Geagea, deemed on Wednesday the concept of economic resistance as not applicable in Lebanon's situation.

Geagea's words came in an interview to "Free Lebanon" Radio Station, where he was commenting on current calls for economic resistance.

The LF leader said that such approaches can be applied in places like Gaza or the West Bank currently under war. However, Geagea said that the situation in Lebanon is different.

"On the contrary, we are in need of a political resistance in the sense that people have to withdraw their confidence from those whom they have trusted to manage their public affairs and failed to do so," Geagea said.

On the refugees' dossier issue, Geagea said that it was necessary to wait for President Michel Aoun's return to Lebanon in order to find out if there was any news about the return of the Syrian displaced, saying there was no progress in this matter yet.

Geagea emphasized Syrian President's Bashar Assad's intentions in this regard, noting that all indications have shown that he does not want refugees' return, using measures and steps that prevent such repatriation.

The Lf leader stressed that Lebanon can no longer bear the brunt of the presence of the displaced Syrians on its soil, saying we pin hopes on Russia in this affair, through practicing sufficient pressure on President Bashar Assad to accept this return.

On the other hand, Geagea refused any accusation of obstructing the new electricity plan, emphasizing that his Party is trying to rectify the electricity sector by identifying the causes of waste in public funds and the shortcomings that are causing this crisis.

He also supported the position of Speaker Nabih Berri on the need to reduce the budget deficit, saying that reforms can only be made by addressing the shortcomings in the budget. He said that the first step required is to ratify the budget as soon as possible.

Source: National News Agency