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King of Jordan: Al-Quds is a red line

BAGHDAD Jordanian King Abdullah II began an international tour ahead of his participation in the Arab summit, which begins on a visit to the Moroccan capital Rabat, which also includes European countries - France, Germany and Italy.

King Abdullah II said in a press statement that he will address the issue of Al-Quds in his tour, as well as at the Arab summit.

The Jordanian Monarch said he canceled his visit to Romania because of Al-Quds. "As you know, my visit to Romania was canceled because of Al-Quds after the Romanian Prime Minister's statements about the transfer of the Romanian Embassy to Al-Quds," he said.

"I have to clarify the clear position for Jordan. There are those who question the position of the Jordanian government and Jordan. I have spoken in Al- Zarqa and in the last 15 years that Al-Quds and the future of Palestine are a red line for us."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency