Thursday, July 16
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Ersan: Syria has carried out the work plan regarding combating financing of terrorism

New York, Member of Syria's permanent mission at the UN, Ammar Ersan said on Thursday that the credibility and effectiveness of the UN in implementing resolutions related to the financing of terrorism require not allowing some governments to exploit these resolutions and exert political or economic pressures on member states.

Ersan, speaking at a UN Security Council session on combating the financing of terrorism , added that Syria had carried out the work plan put by the financial work group to treat any failure in the money-laundering combat systems and the financing of terrorism.

Syria welcomes and expects from the experts team of the work group to visit Damascus and inspect the Syrian government's full implementation of the necessary reforms, Ersan affirmed.

He went on to say that Syria sees with concern the UN and international failure in inquiring governments which are directly involved in financing and arming the terrorist groups and supporting foreign terrorists on their territories.

Ersan added that Syria categorically rejects what was released by the Financial work team today of politicized and distorting evaluations.

Syria is the first partner and the biggest contributor, in the framework of the UN, in the war against international terrorism and on behalf of the whole universe after it had lost the lives of tens of thousands of its citizens, Ersan said.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency