Sunday, July 5
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Loyalty to Resistance: Trump decision on Golan confirms US administration’s bias towards Zionist enemy

The "Loyalty to the Resistance" parliamentary bloc on Thursday condemned President Donald Trump's recognition of the Syrian occupied Golan heights as Israeli territory, stressing that this decision only confirms the U.S. administration's bias towards the Zionist enemy.

"The bloc deplores the content of President Donald Trump's declaration on the Zionist enemy's sovereignty over the Syrian occupied Golan," the bloc indicated in a statement following its weekly meeting, considering the decision to be "illegal" and not entailing any practical effect.

"The bloc sees that Trump's decision only confirms the U.S. administration's bias towards the Zionist enemy and its colonial schemes," it added.

Accordingly, the bloc renewed Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's call to recall the Arab Peace Initiative as Trump's decision is "a practical termination of his alleged peace efforts."

Moreover, the bloc deprecated the "hostile" and "provocative" statements made by U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, during his fresh visit to Lebanon.

"The bloc considers that the attacks on Hezbollah caused by the U.S. procedures and its hostile policies is a shield of honor for the noble patriots who refuse occupation, terrorism, and foreign interference in their country's sovereign and internal affairs," the bloc's statement read.

On a different note, the bloc urged the government to forward the state budget draft to the Parliament.

Source: National News Agency