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Faiq Sheikh Ali: The task of the successive governments since 2003 is theft

BAGHDAD The task of the successive governments since 2003 is only robbing, the Head of the legal Committee Faiq Sheikh Ali said on Thursday.

Sheikh Ali said in a televised interview followed by NINA news agency that he had seen no more dirty and poor of these governments.

He pointed out that the United States brought those politicians from the streets of a number of countries of the world and put them in power and they hate the people, even hate themselves and therefore will do nothing in the interest of the citizen.

On the provincial councils, Sheikh Ali expressed his surprise at the demand of many MPs to leave the provincial councils, although the majority of the Iraqi people with the abolition of these councils, stressing that the parliament will determine the mandate of the provincial councils four years can not be extended.

He pointed out that many of the provincial councils are teasing the Governors, noting that some governors paid bribes to the members of these councils to silence them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency