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The US -led Coalition in Iraq and Syria has acknowledged the killing of 1,257 civilians since 2014

BAGHDAD The US-led Coalition in Iraq and Syria confirmed on Thursday that 1,257 civilians have been killed in air strikes since the start of operations in 2014.

"During this period, based on available information, the Coalition estimated that the strikes killed at least 1,257 civilians in an unintentional manner," the Coalition said in a statement.

It concluded that in February it had completed 147 reports of possible civilian casualties, one of which was considered as genuine, and related to the bombing on September 13, 2017 targeting an ammunition depot in Iraq that wounded two civilians.

As at the end of February, 146 communications were pending. Five of which were re-examined based on new information previously considered to lack credibility.

For their part, the " Air Wars" organization, which counts civilian casualties for all air strikes in the world, says 7,595 civilians have been killed in Coalition strikes. The statement, which was approved by the coalition on Wednesday, was handed over by the organization.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency