Thursday, July 16
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Berri begins an official visit to Iraq during which he will meet with Sistani, senior Iraqi officials

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, started an official visit this afternoon to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, at the invitation of his Iraqi counterpart, Mohammed Halbousi.

Berri is expected to meet with senior Iraqi leaders and officials and top Shi'ite Cleric, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Upon arrival at the Airport, Iraqi Deputy Speaker Hassan Al-Kaabi, and a number of deputies representing various parliamentary blocs, alongside Iraqi Ambassador Ali Al-Amiri, Lebanese Ambassador to Iraq Ali Habhab, and senior Lebanese Embassy staff, welcomed Speaker Berri and his accompanying delegation.

In a brief word at the VIP Lounge, Berri expressed his joy to be back in Baghdad, wishing it opulence and flourishing days following the expulsion of Daesh and the victory over terrorism, and after things have returned to normal and constitutional institutions have been fully formed.

"I hope that all this would be crowned with continuous prosperity, reconstruction and development, always maintaining the unity of Iraq's land and people. I come from Lebanon, the country of the Cedars...I carry a message to the country of knights and horses, palms, pride and poetry, and, God willing, we can reap success for this visit because it is different from the others. I want it to achieve Lebanese-Iraqi success both ways," Berri corroborated.

In a welcoming gathering, Iraqi Deputy House Speaker held a luncheon in honor of Speaker Berri and his accompanying delegation, in the presence of a number of Iraqi MPs, Amiri and Habhab.

Source: National News Agency