Tuesday, April 7
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NechirvanBarzani: Problems Will Be Solved Between The Federal Govt And Kurdistan Through Dialogue

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, NechirvanBarzani said that the problems will be resolved between the federal government and the Kurdistan region through dialogue.

A statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that Barzani met on Sunday with the President of the American Institute for Peace, Nancy Lenburg, and the delegation accompanying her. The delegation expressed thanks for the assistance provided by the provincial government to support the activities of their offices and receive large numbers of displaced persons and refugees..

The delegation also stressed the need to cooperate with the provincial government to rebuild confidence in the areas from which displaced persons came and to erase their concerns that prevent their return to their homes. The delegation felt that it is necessary to have a serious dialogue between government institutions and the people of the region.

The statement added that "NechirvanBarzani assured the delegation that the government of the region is making every effort to build confidence and dialogue between the various components to return them and provide services."

The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, according to the statement, presented "a briefing on the political process in Iraq and efforts to establish good relations between the central government and the Kurdistan region, which led to the solution of a number of problems and that the problems will be resolved through dialogue, stressing that there are serious efforts by all parties to form a new government in the near future. "

The statement said that "the situation of the region and political developments and the conditions of displaced persons and refugees were discussed in the Kurdistan region on the other side of the meeting."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency