Monday, April 6
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Arab-Chinese Businessmen Conference Kicks off

Tunis, The 8th session of the Arab-Chinese Businessmen Conference began here today, as well as the 6th Seminar on Joint Chinese-Tunisian Investment, with about 200 participants representing as many as 50 Chinese firms, in addition to around 40 Arab businessmen.

Expressing confidence in the prospects of such an encounter on the backdrop of the Chinese potentials, in the Road and Belt Initiative, the Tunisian Head of Government Yusuf Chahed reiterated, during the opening session of the gathering, that there are a quantum leap looming in the cooperation between China and the Arab world.

Such cooperation, he added, will be based on the basis and principles of peace and friendship, in total harmony with both the Chinese initiative and the UN Development Agenda 2030.

Source: Saudi Press Agency