Saturday, April 4
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Berri pursues his visit to Iraq, meets high ranking Iraqi officials

House Speaker, Nabih Berri, pursued his official visit to Iraq, whereby he held a series of meetings with high ranking Iraqi officials at his residence at the Premiership Deyafa Dar.

Speaker Berri tackled with his interlocutors means of bolstering Lebanese-Iraqi cooperation and most recent developments in the region.

Berri opened up his itinerary for today by meeting with Iraqi former Prime Minister, Haidar Al Abadi, who hailed Berri's crucial role for Lebanon and the Arab world.

On emerging, Al Abadi, head of Victory Alliance, deemed the Iraqi-Lebanese relations as very important.

Berri also welcomed former Prime Minister, head of the "State of Law Alliance", Nouri Al Malaki, with talks reportedly touching on the general situation.

On emerging, Al Malaki highlighted the paramount importance of relations between the Iraqi and Lebanese peoples as a pillar within the supreme interests of both countries.

Berri also met with respectively with head of the "Kurdistan Democratic Party" bloc Vian Al-Kadi, former Iraqi House Speaker Selim Al Jabbouri, and "Kurdistan National Party" bloc member Harim Kamal.

Discussions reportedly touched on most recent developments and the bilateral relations.

Source: National News Agency