Friday, April 3
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Information Minister: Syria has no clue about an Israeli soldier’ remains, nor details about finding them

Damascus, Information Minister Imad Sarah affirmed that everyone should know that Syria has no clue about the matter of the Israeli soldier's remains at all ,nor of the details of finding them or even handing them over.

Sarah said in a telephone conversation with the Syrian TV on Thursday that the Syrian state has no clue about the remains of any Israeli soldier anywhere in Syria, if any, it would acted according to its national interests ,and that what it used to do.

Sarah expressed his belief that the whole process took place between Israel and armed terrorist groups in the country while the remaining details are part of practical arrangements for this matter, which the Syrian state has no clue about it.

Earlier, a media source said that Syria has no clue about the Israeli soldier's remains and that what has happened is new evidence confirming cooperation between terrorist groups and Mossad.

The source added that there is not any information about the whole matter and whether there are remains or not.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency