Friday, April 3
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Interior Minister launches Traffic Safety Research Center: Effective remedy of road tragedies begins with full implementation of Traffic Law

Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Rayya Al-Hassan, on Friday said during the launch of the traffic safety research center, and the graduation of the sixth batch of the Traffic Safety masters program students at St. Joseph University, that the starting point of any effective remedy to Lebanon's countless road tragedies began with the full implementation of the 2012 Traffic Law.

"The credibility of a law, when applied seriously, is capable of reducing accidents and therefore victims, Al-Hassan said.

She pointed out that her ministry was in the process of issuing all of the required decisions and decrees that lay a sound foundation for the translation of the 2012 traffic law.

"We can no longer witness our youth dying on the roads. I have placed this issue at the top of my priorities, and I promise that we will achieve the results that we seek, she affirmed.

Moreover, Al-Hassan thanked Saint Joseph University for inviting her to this celebration to witness the "graduation of a new batch of this prestigious university which has made generations of elites, contributed to the building and renaissance of Lebanon, and played an active role in the state and society in all sectors."

The launch of the traffic research safety center at Saint Joseph University is an excellent and important initiative. Thanks to the artificial intelligence techniques that benefit the center and the human intelligence of the best experts, it will contribute to providing all the necessary data and analysis en route to apt remedies in the right direction, Al-Hassan said.

She also expressed confidence that this center "will become a reference at the entire Arab region's level.

Source: National News Agency