Thursday, April 9
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Aoun to Radio Lebanon: Combating corruption is a gradual process, its first reward is restoring state’s authority

Member of the "Strong Lebanon" Parliamentary Bloc, MP Alain Aoun, considered Saturday that combating corruption is a gradual process whose first positive outcome lies in the restoration of the state's prominence and superiority.

"The fight against corruption is a gradual process that ought not be limited to those who are currently affected, but must continue till the end...and the first positive return is restoring the prestige of the state while implanting fear in the hearts of the corrupt," said Aoun in an interview with "Radio Lebanon Channel" this morning.

"Today we are undergoing a preliminary process of deterrence, freezing the situation and inciting public opinion, whereby there is no longer any cover for any perpetrator," he added.

Over the electricity plan, Aoun disclosed that "it is about to be approved upcoming Monday," adding that "its importance lies in the level of seriousness of various parties to facilitate its execution and assume responsibility for its implementation."

"The time has come to stop the bleeding of the state at the financial level and the burdens on citizens because of electricity," Aoun corroborated, deeming that "political quarrels prevented the adoption of the electricity plan in the past, and everyone is now assuming responsibility because of the pressing situation on all."

The MP went on to note that "following the endorsement of the electricity plan on Monday, the next government priority will be the annual budget." He expected that the state budget would be approved during the current month, stressing the need for the government to act as a "crisis cell" in this respect.

On the subject of the displaced Syrians, Aoun stressed that the Free Patriotic Movement's approach to this matter is "radical". He considered that this issue "must be tackled more firmly, using all means and channels available to ensure their return, including an understanding with the Syrian side, especially since the reasons for their stay in Lebanon have subsided."

Source: National News Agency