Wednesday, April 1
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Fenianos, Hawat launch joint transport project model in Byblos

Minister of Public Works and Transport, Youssef Fenianos, launched Saturday the joint transport project model for the Casa of Jbeil and its surroundings, at the invitation of the "Strong Republic" Parliamentary Bloc Member, Deputy Ziad Hawat, in cooperation with "TOGETHER We Go" Company.

Addressing the crowd of officials and prominent figures who attended the launching ceremony, Minister Fenianos highlighted "the importance of this project," declaring that "Lebanon needs a Ministry of Transport, not a Ministry of Works, since the projects executed by the Council for Development and Reconstruction are adequate and sufficient."

"Transportation is the most important issue in Lebanon today, and the initiative we are launching is significant and its cost is between $6 and $8 million," Fenianos added. "The villages of each district of Jbeil will be covered by this project," he noted.

"If we carry out another project in Keserwan and Metn at a cost of approximately 20 million Lebanese pounds due to the number of villages, in cooperation with the Federation of Municipalities, then we will have completed a transfer plan in these areas in a fraction less than 0.5% of the funds coming from Cedar, if the intention to implement a transportation plan in Lebanon does exist," Fenianos went on.

"With the serious will of officials, we can transfer this sector from being neglected to becoming an important sector, and thus, spare the State its current annual loss of two billion dollars," he corroborated.

Over the Lebanese railway reconstruction and rehabilitation, Fenianos said: "We will wait for the budget endorsement, and then we will have something else to say...We will present all the facts to the people and brief them on the existing studies pertaining to the operation of trains from the port to the borders, for the Germans, French and Chinese have declared their readiness to restart this vital harbor," Fenianos concluded.

In turn, MP Hawat highlighted the importance of decentralization in resolving many of Lebanon's problems, including the dilemma of electricity, waste, education, health and social affairs, infrastructure and others.

"Our goal is to provide a solution for public transport," Hawat emphasized.

"Our gathering today comes at a time of darkness, laden with crises and economic and daily life difficulties through which Lebanon has reached the brink of collapse," he said. "Our gathering today comes to light a candle of hope, and to launch a vital model project in the region of Byblos that we aspire to be a model fit for application in all of Lebanon," he asserted.

"By implementing this project in cooperation with the private sector, we look forward to stabilizing citizens in the country and to strengthening their presence in the countryside, because we are convinced that the solution to the majority problems suffered by the Lebanese lies in their survival and deep-roots where they are," Hawat explained.

Source: National News Agency