Thursday, April 2
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MP: Fatah And Saairun Alliances Agreed On Several Names As Candidates For The Interior Ministry

BAGHDAD The MP of Fatah Alliance, Haneen al-Qaddu, on Saturday, announced that Saairun and Fatah alliances reach an agreement on several candidates for the portfolio of the Interior Minister.

Al-Qaddu said in a statement that "the Sunni component resolved its position on the portfolios of defense and education," adding that" Fatah and Saairun agreed on several names as candidates for the Ministry of the Interior and that will be presented in the coming days to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, "but he did not mention the names of candidates .

The MP also confirmed that "The Sunni component has resolved its position on candidates for defense and education ministries after negotiations between the Mohwar and Watania alliances (National and Axis), noting that" next week will see the submission of the names of candidates in the event of approval of the Prime Minister. "

Al-Qaddu continued that "the only current dispute is between the Kurdish components on the formation of the Kurdistan Regional Government and its reflection on the submission of the candidate of the Ministry of Justice"

Source: National Iraqi News Agency