Tuesday, April 7
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Foucher says France is loyal to Lebanon and will continue its commitment

French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher, stressed Sunday "France has always remained faithful to Lebanon, in the good and difficult stages of its history."

"Security cooperation falls within the broader context of assisting Lebanon in the issue of the displaced at the Brussels Conference II, and in economic development at the Cedar Conference," Foucher added.

"This assistance does not come without charge, which in itself lies in the interest of Lebanon to achieve the radical reforms that are expected by the international community and France, especially in the electricity sector and other fields," the diplomat went on.

Foucher praised the "Lebanese armed forces and other security services," stressing that "the daily dedication and professionalism of these forces constitute a guarantee not only for the stability of the country, but also for our security, and these forces, in cooperation with other security services, allow us to hope for a better future."

The French Ambassador's words came in his address at the annual celebration held by the Association of Lebanese Lords of Honor, "Legion d'honneur", in commemoration of French army veterans, the Lebanese and French residing in Lebanon, which was held at the Lebanese Automobile and Touring Club in Kaslik (ATCL).

Source: National News Agency