Tuesday, April 7
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State Security Presidency: Two wanted men killed and two others arrested in pre-emptive operation in Qatif Province in Eastern Region

Riyadh-- The security spokesman of State Security Presidency said that, through follow-up by the State Security Presidency's competent bodies of terrorist activities in Qatif province, and tracking the their associated elements, and at dawn on Sunday 2/8/1440 AH, in a preemptive operation in coordination with the security forces in the Eastern Region, State Security Presidency spotted four security wanted people as they were traveling in a Taho vehicle towards Abu Hadariya road to carry out a terrorist act. The information indicated that they had completed preparations for it. When the security forces intercepted them and demanded their surrender, they opened fire towards the security men. They were dealt with as required by the situation and fire was returned. The vehicle they were riding was damaged. They resorted to a gas station near the site and threw a hand grenade that caused a partial fire at the station with the aim of exploiting the situation escape from the security men, and seized a tanker truck at gunpoint. The tanker truck was damaged at a distance of (2) kilometers from another station. The operation resulted in the following results:

First: The killing of the wanted person / Majed Ali Abdul Rahim Al-Faraj, national identity No. (1024360263), one of the wanted persons on the list of (9) declared on 29/1 / 1438 H, the wanted person / Mahmoud Ahmed Ali Al-Zar'a, national identity No. 1054136393, and the arrest of two other wanted persons whose identities are not disclosed at the present time as required by the investigation's interest. All those aforementioned had prior convictions and were associated with a number of terrorist cases that took place during the last period in Qatif Province, which included the shooting of citizens, residents and security personnel, attacking and destroying public facilities and security and economic facilities, disrupting public life and committing theft, armed robbery, kidnapping and rape and the promotion and trafficking of illegal drugs.

Second: the injury of a woman of Bahraini nationality who was at the gas station with her family, and the injury of the driver of the tanker truck, a Pakistani citizen, and two security men who are undergoing treatment.

Third: In the vehicle in which the terrorists were traveling, the following were found:

1- 1 machine gun.

2- 2 Glock-type pistols.

3- 7 machine guns.

4- 1 Glock pistol magazine.

5- 2 high explosive bombs.

6- 1 audio bomb.

7- 1 fake Bahraini identity card bearing photo of the wanted Majed Ali Al - Faraj.

8- The amount of (66178) riyals.

9- 126 machine gun live bullets.

10- 15 pistol rounds 9 mm.

The State Security Presidency as it declares this, it affirms that it is proceeding with all force and firmness in tracking down these terrorist elements and foiling their schemes to serve foreign agendas and bringing them to justice for their punishment for their crimes. At the same time, the State Security Presidency calls on all those wanted to quickly surrender themselves to the security authorities and not to persist in wrongdoing. The presidency also warns all those who deal with them that they will make themselves accountable and calls on those who have information about any of them to report them to (990) or any other near security agency.

Source: Saudi Press Agency