Wednesday, April 1
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Kouyoumjian from Washington says priority to develop national strategy for social protection

Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyoumjian, on Wednesday said during a round table discussion by the World Bank in Washington that his priority was to develop a national strategy for social protection.

We aim to develop one that is not limited to theoretical frameworks, but rather converges with the reality on the ground in a scientific and practical manner, especially in light of the difficulties experienced by Lebanon financially and economically, the Minister said.

He stressed the importance of developing this strategy to improve social security in Lebanon and improve it. Any threat to it will have significant repercussions at all levels, he warned.

The round table discussion also focused on how Lebanon could benefit from international expertise and trends in the expansion and strengthening of social safety nets, and on the means to support the Ministry of Social Affairs in strengthening social safety net in Lebanon and activating it to be more effective and efficient.

Ways to expand social programs provided by the ministry in a way that ensures the sustainability of these services has also been discussed with focus on the means to support poor families through specific programs.

Source: National News Agency