Thursday, April 2
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9th session of the Joint Syrian-Iraqi Ministerial Committee wraps up activities

Damascus, The 9th session of the Joint Syrian-Iraqi Ministerial Committee on Wednesday wrapped up activities through singing the minutes of its meetings which included cooperation in various sectors of economy, trade, investment, energy, tourism and others.

Minister of economy and Foreign Trade Mohammad Samer al-Khalil, who chairs the Syrian side at the committee, underlined the importance of the efforts exerted by both sides to reopen border crossings between the two countries in a way that would restore the economic activity and improve the flow of goods.

Al-Khalil indicated that the repercussions of the terrorist war waged against Syria Have hindered the possibility of achieving the hoped-for economic integration which constitutes a goal for both countries.

He added that over the past years of war there have been many cooperation documents signed between the two countries whose number reached up to 44, and that some of them need to be activated.

He added that holding the ninth session constitutes a significant opportunity for discussing all the problems which hinder the achievement of that integration and for agreeing on the required mechanisms for overcoming them.

For his part, Iraqi Trade Minister Mohammad al-Ani affirmed, who chairs the Iraqi side at the committee, affirmed that the meeting of the ninth session is an opportunity for enhancing economic and trade relations between the two countries and getting acquainted with Syria's experience in the economic domain.

Minister al-Ani added that there are various fields of cooperation between Syria and Iraq with regard to implementing projects and holding international and specialized exhibitions, in addition to the investment opportunities.

He asserted the importance of the joint work based on the economic interests in an integrated way, in addition to developing trade balance and overcoming all obstacles.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency