Wednesday, April 1
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Abadi Meets Separately A Number Of Political And Tribal Figures

BAGHDAD President of al-Nasr Coalition, HaiderAbadi received separately a number of political and tribal figures.

He received a member of the House of Representatives for the province of Anbar, former Electricity Minister QasimFahdawi, where they discussed the latest political situation and the situation in Anbar province and the importance of serious work to achieve the aspirations of the people of the province.

He also received the politician from the province of Babylon Ahmed Al-Khabt and discussed the general situation in the country and the situation in the province of Babylon and providing services to the people of the province through the implementation of projects that have been working during the past period and upgrading their status.

He also received a number of tribal sheikhs in the province of Najaf and stressed the importance of the status of Najaf province and provide services to its people.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency