Monday, April 6
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Al-Maliki discusses with a US official the developments of political and security situation in the region

BAGHDAD, Head of the state of law coalition Nuri al-Maliki discussed with the official of the file of Iraq and Iran at the US Department of State Andrew Beck, the latest developments in the political and security situation in the region, and the ongoing efforts to complete the ministerial cabin, as well as discussing the future of Iraq's relations with the Gulf States and promote economic cooperation in various fields .

"Iraq is keen to build balanced relations with all friendly and allied countries based on respect for its sovereignty and stability and the independence of its national decision," Al-Maliki said during a meeting with the US official.

The head of the state of law coalition pointed to the depth of the relationship between Iraq and the United States and develop them to achieve the common interests of the two friendly peoples, and the importance of the American contribution to the reconstruction of Iraq and the advancement of its economy and the upgrading of all sectors.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency