Thursday, April 2
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Jarrah talks media affairs with Editors’ Synidcate delegation

Minister of Information, Jamal Jarrah, on Friday welcomed at his ministerial office a delegation of Editors' Syndicate, led by Dean Joseph Kassaifi.

Talks reportedly touched on the general situation and media affairs in particular.

On emerging, Dean Kassaifi described the meeting as "fruitful" addressing an array of matters pertaining to the concerns of journalists and media men in Lebanon.

"The Minister showed understanding of all the issues we raised," Kassaifi said, adding that they agreed on broad headlines to work on and follow up on in the future through holding intensive meetings for the sake of strengthening cooperation between the Syndicate and the Ministry to ensure the advancement of the media sector and build up its resilience in the face of challenges.

"What we heard from the Minister today was reassuring... He showed understanding of our ordeal and all taken up topics to preserve the rights of journalists," Kassaifi concluded.

Source: National News Agency