Thursday, April 2
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US congress delegation visits Marjayoun

A US Congress delegation comprised of 14 members visited Saturday the Lebanese-Palestinian border in the Southern district of Marjayoun.

The delegation arrived at the UNIFIL site in Tel Nahhas via helicopter and then moved along the southern border facing Kfarkila-Odaisseh highway in a number of vehicles, accompanied by the UNIFIL and the Lebanese army.

Finally, the delegation members stopped at the Mahafer Camp in the outskirts of the town of Odaisseh, where they were briefed on the construction works underway of the cement wall within the area held by Lebanon as an "occupied territory".

The delegation then returned to UNFIL's Tel Nahhas base, following which they are expected to have an aerial inspection by helicopter of Shebaa Farms in the Casa of Hasbaya.

Source: National News Agency