Thursday, April 2
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Shooting in Melbourne, in Australia

BAGHDAD Several people were killed in shooting on Sunday at a nightclub in the western city of Melbourne, police said.

Police added that two men were in critical condition in a hospital, while two others sustained minor injuries.

Police said that the incident took place outside a nightclub in Brahranb in the southeast suburb of Melbourne.

A Spokeswoman for the police said by telephone that at this stage there is no indication of the relationship of the attack to terrorism.

The AIG newspaper reported that one of the wounded was a guard with a live bullet in the face in what the newspaper described as shooting from a moving vehicle outside the nightclub.

Police are investigating the incident, but no one has been arrested so far.

Mass killings are rare in Australia, where arms-bearing laws are extremely tight since 35 people were killed in 1996 in Port Arthur, Tasmania.

Last year, seven members of one family in western Australia were shot dead by a gunman who committed suicide on the spot.

It was the deadliest crime in the country since the Port Arthur massacre.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency