Wednesday, April 8
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A US-Turkish security meeting to discuss bilateral cooperation

BAGHDAD Acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Chanahan discussed with Turkish Defense Minister KhulosiAkar the cooperation between the two countries on the background of the dispute over the purchase of Ankara S-400 Russian systems.

The officials met Tuesday evening as "strategic partners" and focused on "interests rather than positions, as well as the importance of US-Turkish cooperation within a bilateral framework and within NATO," the Pentagon said in a statement.

This comes amid disagreements between Washington and Ankara over the recent acquisition of Russian S-400 missile defense systems.

US President Donald Trump and Turkish President's Son-in-law and Finance Minister Bertrand Albirek discussed the purchase deal of Ankara's S-400 missile system from Russia.

Washington has threatened to prevent Turkey from getting the new F-35 if it does not abandon the deal with Russia, while Ankara has confirmed its intention to complete the S-400 deal.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency